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Freshtet Jazz Project

Freshet is a jazz trio from Lyon formed by the drummer Romain Frechin in early 2019. He asked two very close friends of his to join him: Spanish doublebass player Chuchi Garcia and the rising star from Martinique, pianist Marc Cabrera.

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Marc cabrera

Marc Cabrera was born in Martinique where he trained with Ronald Tule. He then left his native island to complete his jazz studies at the Conservatory of Music of Lyon. A truly prodigious pianist, his skills are appreciated on numerous stages in France and Martinique. He is today one of the most gifted Martiniquan pianists of his generation.

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  • Freshtet - Romain Frechin
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Romain Frechin

Romain Frechin was trained in London (Drumtech) then at the Conservatories of Lyon and Vienne. Thanks to many trips to New Orleans, Africa and Cuba, Romain (from Vienne, France) has become a multi-faceted drummer who can play in trios or big bands from gospel (Play4You) to reggae world (Wailing Trees). He performs in France and internationally as a sideman. With Freshtet, he is now a leader.

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chuchi Garcia

Chuchi Garcia was born in Salamanca in Spain. He graduated with a Master's Degree in double bass jazz interpretation at the Higher Music Conservatory of the Basque Country (Musikene). Since then, he has had the opportunity to play with the brightest talents of the Spanish jazz scene and to tour around Europe.

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